Monday, February 01, 2010

How to use SnapVMX to display detailed Vmware snapshot information



Lancelot said...

Isn't this plagiarism? You copy a piece of another person's web, add a line at the beginning [1] and put it under your name without mentioning the source [2].

[1] "Try this cool script to display snapshot information from the service console shell called SnapVMX"

Stuart said...

Hmm could be? or maybe if you read the script still clearly contains all references to author
and My goal was to present and highlight how helpfull it is and no point take no credit for its creation. after all is the internet not a mass of information shared by all.

Lancelot said...

Wow! I never though anyone would answer. I appreciate.

Agree, the code is untouched, but 99% of the post is still copied from another web, which is not referenced.

Maybe it is my scientific background, but when one uses information obtained from another place, that information and place must be clearly identified, otherwise it is considered that you are the author.

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