Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Changing face of VDI

I have spoke about this before, but I think there will be a huge amount of traction in the VDI space of the next 18 months, the main drivers as below
  1. Windows 7 adoption - a catalyst for change and a great product, it makes sense to at the very least evaluate VDI when deploying.
  2. Xendesktop 4/Vmware View - Both these products are now on release 4 are much more mature.
  3. VECD - This has now been scrapped by Microsoft for customers running Software Assurance.
  4. Unidesk - A product that ticks all the boxes when it comes to a fully managed desktop solution to dovetail with VDI, its in Beta at the moment but I am testing as we speak and will come back with a full review.
  5. Apple IPAD - I think this will be a usefull in some select business environments combined with a Citrix Client.
  6. Citrix Xen- Hyper-V - Upcoming memory over-commit support means more desktop density and thus better TCO.
Let see how things pan out....


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